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Baptism is one of the most precious acts of faith we can take. It's your decision to display to everyone the transformation Jesus begun in you. Buried in water and raised to life, your baptism testifies the hope that anyone can be raised to new life in Christ. Receive the opportunity to take this next step and move into a deeper life with God. Sign up for our next baptism class. Share your history, drown your history and begin to make history with God! 


Home Rooms  

Church is more than a service. It is not a building. It is a community of people who've decided to do life together and serve one another with Jesus at the center. The Kingdom of God values family, community and relationships. At the heart of H4G Church is our Home Rooms. It's where a small group of people meet on an on-going basis in homes and become deeply connected. The process includes worship, learning more about God, talking, laughing, praying, making new friends and living life. Through these relational experiences, life-change happens spontaneously and intentionally. We've discovered the best way to stay close to God is by staying close to His people. We encourage every member to get plugged in to one of our Home Rooms.


*You will be able to sign up for a group of your choice at any H4G experience. 



Everyone serves at H4G. We believe as the Body Of Christ, every member of the body is needed, useful and essential for growth to take place. The growing success of our ministry depends on the spirit of volunteerism that helps shoulder the responsibility of social transformation. God has given you unique gifts and talents that can be used to bring Him glory and lead others to Christ. When you commit to something bigger than yourself, there's a greater sense of fulfillment, significance and purpose. Thank you for your interest in serving at H4G Church. Let's change the world together! 

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