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As a bible study for a number of years, we have seen hundreds of lives transformed through our movement.

In our desire to see people closer to God, we've hosted worship gatherings, dynamic conferences and real-life seminars. We've seen God perform miracle after miracle in the lives of our guests and friends and we can't wait to see what  He will do for you and through you!

We believe the Presence of God is to be encountered not just explained. God’s Presence is experiential, tangible and practical. We exist to offer encounters with the living God that when experienced changes one’s life forever. 

Our ministry has a passion to see people realize their God-given potential and we desire to teach you how to become all that God has called you to be. Our culture is characterized by deep worship, rich teaching, a value for the Presence of God, revival, miracles & healing and a culture of empowerment. 



THE MISSION of Hungry 4 God Church is to unite people through life changing encounters with God that empower them to live out their God-given purpose and change the world around them. 

  • A Warm Greeting From People Who Love People
  • High Energy Music And Worship 
  • Dressed Down/Casual Dress Code 
  • Practical, Relevant And Life-Changing Teaching
  • A Moment With The Presence Of God

This is what you can expect In one of our Sunday meetings

We invite you to feel free to be apart of our family. All are welcome. You don't have to have it all figured out before you come. As a matter of fact if you're perfect, don't bother coming. Whatever you thought about Church, forget about it. This is a place to belong to while being empowered to fulfill your dreams. It's important that you know that Church makes sense, while hearing practical teachings that will help you be more effective in all the other areas of life. We will help you look for ways to get more connected and involved so you can grow in your relationship with God. Join us!




Senior Leadership

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Executive Pastor

Listen for yourself

Experience the spoken word on the Hungry 4 God podcast. 300+ encouraging, enriching and God-inspired messages. 

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